Actions in use, Rem, Savage, Weatherby, Win, etc

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I and I assume others see the same type questions over and over... What action shoud I get or What Rifle to start LRHunting with.

Any of you that know me know Remington is what I prefer but have had a number of Win Model 70's too.

The real question here is...........

How many folks know any real live serious LRHunters or tactical type shooters using Weatherby, Savage or Browning rifles or actions????

I'll start based on my personal experience!

Answer: Not a one using Savage, Weatherby or Browning! (But most of my experience is with LRHunting tactical style.)

In the order of quantity used I'd say, Remington 700, Sako, "customs", Winchester M70.

One fella did show up at one match with a "custom" Savage to sell, he had "Outgrown it". By the end of the day he was quite convinced that he couldn't even give it away... He had the thing in a "new" stock, had the barrel "cryo'ed" and had other "turd buffing" options but that puppy still had a bad case of the "pox". (I'll be he still has it!)

All the "accuracy" type guns I have had over the years have been in a skeletonised alloy stock we have in Australia. Most of the barrels have been in 270 Winchester, 6mm/06 and 300 Winchester.

Rem 700 has been the choice although I have had one Wby and one M70 in the alloy stocks. However it was a lot more difficult to have them fitted than the Rem "tube".

The Rem 700 is the easy solution.

1) If a "glue in" then that round action is much easier to get out than slab sided.

2) You can get the trigger out without taking the rifle apart.

3) Push feed allows actions to be faced off so barrels can be switched between actions. A bit close to impossible for Controlled Round Feed unless someone was preprared to take the extractor all the way around the barrel.

Leaving out custom actions, to go to an action other than the Rem 700 makes the road from "action to accuracy rifle" a steeper climb that it needs to be.

the rem. 700 is the most popular as you stated,i have worked up loads for alot of rifles,and for the money i would say that most of the savages i have worked with would do very well as a LR.action-problem is most people just cant stand to be seen with one-lol-most people look at them as "taking a step down"but they are perfectly capable of great performance.there are a few guys shooting them for 1k br and palma and they shoot very for the rest the actions you mentioned they just dont lend themselves as easily to customizition[except 4 the mod. 70]my-2-dave
OK Dave, is this directed at long range hunting, or justlong range shooting in general?
I would say the Palma guys outnumber us a little, and it seems the AR types are slowly winning the show. We just may be dinasours with all the new inovations comming.
Now remember, this wasn't to step on any toes, just to open some eyes.

Forgot to mention, think Mr. Lilja use to shoot a Weatherby or two. Can't remember if I heard right or not. Think I heard that Mr. Cassel use to shoot a 338-378 in a Weatherby action too. Of cource the only way to know would be to ask Daryl!

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Forgot about the CZ550..... It's too big to fit in my safe and it's consequenty left out of a lot of opportunities.
I currently have for hunting mauser 7mm, enfield 338-378 both for long range hunting. Also have Rem on my 1000 yd target guns.Just the way it worked out. There have been many mausers and enfields over the years at the williamsport range. Just about every action made has been used there. One of the members and his son used savage actions and both won the aggregate back in the middle eighties. I've seen these military actions shoot just as good as the customs. So what are we really looking for? Best bang for the buck!
I have a 03 as my primary hunting rifle and it is capable of sub MOA groups pretty consistantly.

I am currently building a Mauser for long range shooting.

heres a shot of it. I still have a lot of work left on it.

6.5 Bandit- I have a Ruger KM77VT in 25-06.
It is a GREAT gun. I also have a bunch of Remingtons and one RPA Quadlite.
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