Accuracy tips for non-lead bullets


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Jan 11, 2021
I just saw an article by John Barsness in the latest Hodgdon Reloading Manual on accuracy tips for copper and copper-alloy bullets. Basically, the biggest tip was to seat them deeper for a longer jump to the lands--about .050" to .100" For me, shooting the older Barnes was always hit or miss with accuracy. I wouldn't mind taking another dive into the pool, however. So any suggestions on specific components or reloading techniques to improve accuracy would be appreciated. I'd be shooting 6.5 PRC, .280 Rem. and 7mm Rem Mag.


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Apr 3, 2020
Tip #1 for getting good accuracy from monos- buy them from Hammer. Very forgiving, and I’ve found them to be accurate in rifles that are exceptionally picky.
I have one that I’ve never found a great load for with a wide variety of lead. I’m pretty sure the first sub MOA group this barrel ever shot was my initial ladder with Hammers, which covered a 2 1/2 grain charge spread. They do seem to really like a little bit of crimp. I use the Lee FCD on them.

Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
Agree, Hammer is a very easy loading bullet.
I have tried Barnes and yes they shot best with a good jump. Cutting Edge Ballistics shoot well too. All required more to tune the load.

With the advice from Steve at Hammer, load to mag length, work up to pressure and back off a grain.
8 bullets in .5 grain increments and I was done. This was my time first loading them in a 30-06.

I now load these in a 243, 6.5 SAUM, 308 win, 30-06, several 300 wm, and a 300 RUM.

I guess I am a fan...


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