non lead loads


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Nov 5, 2009
i live in californa where we have to hunt with non leadf bullets. i was wondering if you huys have any help for me with this. i need loads for a 270 and a 243.
well for me I cannot say.but most of the guys that I have read about useing them are useing Barnes and Nosler.but I think Hornady has on now.just get some and try them.what will it hurt?
450matt, do you reload? If so, there are offerings from Nosler (E-Tips) and Barnes. I have heard good things on both but think the E-Tips have better BC's.
I've been working nonlead loads for all my guns, over the past couple years. My experience with the triple shocks is that they need speed to expand. The tipped versions seem better. To force expansion, drop down to a lighter bullet and choose the powder with highest velocities. Use the COAL listed in the barnes manual, otherwise the barnes data is not real helpful in my experience.
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