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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
My 300 Win Mag seems to shoot best at well under max loads. For example I can get the 220 Sierra Matchking going 2900 fps safely but accuracy is best at 2815 with H1000. Also I can get the Nosler 200 Partition going 3000 fps safely but accuracy is best at 2850. The Swift 180 Scirocco is shooting best with 75 grains of RL22 but I can safely load 77 grains. I wonder if this is normal? I had generally heard and experienced with other rifles that my most accurate loads tended to come at the max powder charges. I also wonder if switching to a different powder would enable me possibly to get equally good accuracy at a higher velocity. I have heard that there are accuracy nodes that come at different velocities. Perhaps I have not been able to find the next faster node with the powders I am trying. I know that it will not make much difference to the animal whether it is hit with a bullet going 2600 or 2800 fps on impact but a higher muzzle velocity would flatten trajectory and reduce wind drift a bit. Additionally it goes against the grain to have a downloaded 300 Win Mag. Would be nice to have it loaded to its potential. Any thoughts? Thanks, Rufous.


Dec 16, 2001
Here my thoughts rufous ,

Accuracy of a barrel diminishes when the harmonics (vibrations) of the barrel throw the bullet off center when it leaves the muzzle.The harmonics of a barrel are probably dependant on the charge,meaning bullet weight,powder charge,speed of burn.Lots varaibles so to speak,temp etc.
Bottom line though, it would be damned luck if max charge equals best noninterfering harmonics.As you cant go up,you go dn to make accuracy acceptable


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