Absolute hammer accuracy out to 500 yards

Will not give you 500 yard accuracy but Hammer "Absolute " reloading data on Hammer forum or on this site will provide you with plenty of useful information. Depending upon the weight bullet you're inquiring about, 1:11 twist in a .284" cartridge is on the slow side. Either way, check the data the Absolute Hammer. Excellent customer service and feedback!
Best I can share is 9 out of 10 shots on my 10in gong at 400yds. Ive since tuned my handload and am holding 1.1 moa out to 300yds but will be working out to 600yds this summer. 280ai, 140gnAH. IMO the absolutes are accurate at long range better than I can shoot anyways.
I'm not sure what cartridge you're working with but in some there's a pretty significant gain in velocity. I forgot about the 90's I loaded in an old beater 25-06 vanguard. Cheap scope and still hitting gongs at 500 meters with a holdover and nothing else sounds like a fast little solid hitting steel. I didn't see the crazy gain in the other cartridges I loaded the absolutes in but I really didn't try as they were extremely accurate and plenty fast for the range they were going to be used in