A.I. Dies????


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Mar 5, 2006
If I had a Redding FL Bushing 280 Ackley Improved die, could I change bushing and reload 30-06 ai, 35 whelen, 25-06 ai????
I believe it would work for the 25-06 AI, but most likely not the 30-06 AI and certainly not a 35 caliber. The shoulder in the die that the bushing stops against would be too small for the 30 and 35 caliber bullets - my bet.

I use a 338 RUM bushing style neck sizer die from Redding for my 25 RUM with a bushing for the 25 caliber necks. Works fine, but you have to back the neck bushing off a bit or it will impact the shoulder of the 25 RUMs.
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