A day in Paradise.

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    Nov 30, 2010
    A friend of mine has been wanting me to come down and call coyotes with him in Paradise.........Paradise Ca. to be exact. Not to be confused with some wonderful tropical warm island in the pacific where a person can lose themselves in the wonderful world of relaxation and drinking exotic drinks on the beach........oh no this is far from that.
    So I got up and out the door at 430am and hit the road for the hour and a half drive south from Redding.
    My friend Lee was up and ready so we put my gear in his truck and made our way to a ranch he just got pemission to hunt.
    On our walk in I spot a coyote walking up a ridge and then it laid down right out in plain sight and on the skyline...WTF we have a short bus coyote. Now I'm wondering if it has to wear a helmet and mouth peice.
    We sat right down and I talk Lee into belly crawling his was down the slope thru a lot of cow pooooh to put himself right at the edge of the draw where he could see up the canyon.
    I used my Primo's Mini Mag howler and blew once and that coyote got up and left up another draw,ok he's not short bus after all looks like he's played this game before.
    I called with my hand calls and I just couldn't get him to come in for a look.
    We get up and move, working the opposite side of the ridge from where we last saw the coyote we made a stand on top about 1/2 mile from the last spot. nothing.
    Still working the opposite side of ridge we advance another 1/2 mile.
    We set up on a low hill I put Lee facing the canyon on one side and I took the down wind side.
    A short series of Vole squeeks and Lee see's coyote pop his head over the canyon but not enough for a shot yet. I switch to Rabbit distress and here he comes. Right to within 80 yds of Lee from his right and veers to the left cutting right in front of Lee at a trot....we bark trying to get em to stop, he didnt but he did slow down and Lee made a nice shot on the trot at appx. 90 yds. Rolled him up right there. This coyote had a touch of mange on its front legs so it looks like Lee did it a favor.

    We made 3 more sets and nothing showed.
    So as we are walking to the 6 set of the day I spot something near the tree line that don't look right. I glass it and its a coyote facing us and its spotted us. Must not know what we are cause its still coming towards us but about 800 yds away.
    I tell Lee to get low as we were in a low spot and we could sneak up to a rock pile where I could lay prone and shoot off my back pack.
    Once set up there I look for that coyote and its still walking our way taking his time.
    So I lip squeek as loud as I can...no not on a caller or mouth call of any kind I'm lip squeeking with my lips. That seems to be what this coyote liked to hear and it could hear it from over 500 yds away. I'm still amazed at how good a coyotes hearing is, this is a 3-5 mph day blowing from my left to right and this dog started on a direct line at a trot now. Once it got to what I thought was 200 yds it stops on its own and I'm on it. Its facing me still I center cross hairs on its chin and squeeze.........BOOM,SMACK. I miss judged the yardage we paced it off at almost 350 yds good thing I had aimed at the throat area and was shooting my trusty Savage in 243 with a 105 amax.
    Wind took my bullet off to my right I forgot to compensate for wind drift.....What was I thinking.
    Hit that coyote I did, but it ran off towards a deep draw with a stream running through it.
    We found it still alive and I finished him off, then as final punishment for me the coyote rolled all the way down to the bottom of the draw.
    And yes I went after him. Turns out bullet hit the left front shoulder almost removed the leg completely and this guy ran on 3 tires over 80 yds across a flat and another 20 into that draw before it laid down.
    Still got my dog and Lee and I had fun called 2 coyotes and shot 2 coyotes good day all the way around.