A bit of an odd request...


Mar 6, 2003
Western Pennsylvania
Well, here's my problem. Pretty soon, I'm going to be making a try for the 500 yard club with Lee in Ohio. We have the guns ready, a spot picked out, and a time frame set...Only problem is that his laser rangefinder crapped out on him. And I'm too poor to buy one. So, here goes. Does anyone in Western PA have access to a 500-yard-capable rangefinder that we could use? I know I'm being very forward, but I really don't have any other options. If nobody posts, I'll understand. LRFs are a very expensive piece of equipment, and I don't know if I'd trust an 18-year-old-kid with mine, if I had one.

Thanks fer reading.

Didn't Lee buy a NF with an NP-R2 reticle?

Just kiddin, I wish I lived near ya, I'd be out to help with mine. The plane ticket would be more than the R2 though!

The thought of my YP1000 falling apart when I needed it most is why I went with the NF and the R2. You can pick up a 300 foot tape measure on a reel for twenty to thirty bucks if it comes down to it. Good luck, and enjoy the 500yd line!
Not to steel your thunder, Boyd but 2 range finders on a trip are better than one(Boyds and Mine), I'm attached to mine also(just tryin to help).I would love to see some one take one out past 500. PLease let me know!
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