A-5 Pillar bed or skim bed


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Oct 30, 2008
Spokane, Wa.
I have a new A-5 for my short action M700 6-284. Should I have it pillar bedded or will skim bedding be good enough.

Thanks for any and all opinions.
Do both. Most gunsmiths charge about $150 to skim coat and only slightly more to add the pillars. Also, if you just skim coat the rifle and it won't shoot the way you want it leaves you wondering should I add pillars? why go through that when you can have it all done at one time and be done with it.
That makes complete sense to me and that's the direction I was heading just needed a slight push. I was quoted $225 to pillar and skim bed does that sound about right?
$225 seems high to me. Maybe there's more cost because the A-5 is fiberglass. Not sure. I can tell you that I paid $175 to have a laminated stock pillar and skim bedded last year. Kevin Cram is building my next custom and he charges $175 also for pillar and skim bedding. Check out his pricelist at:

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