8.5-25 too much for 1000yd target shooting?


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Sep 25, 2002
Between the 6.5-20 and the 8.5-25 LR, would the 8.5 yield too much mirage on the higher magnifications for use on 1000yd paper? Would I be better served to save some money and go with a 20x maximum? I want to use it to hunt also, but the hunting this rifle does is NO LESS than 100yds, and most of the time, much more. My closest crop damage shot is usually 300yds+/-, so a minimum of 8.5 is no issue.

Most of the competitors on the line at last years Regional NRA Long Range Champ. were using either bench rest Nightforces, or Leupolds. The Leupolds I noticed most were 6x20's, 8.5x25's and 16X MkIV's.

That was a good enough endoresment for me.

You can allways turn a 25x down. It's hard to turn a 16x up to 25x. I would say 25x is not enough...
At the October Williamsport Shoot last year I saw several scopes that had the Premier Reticle Power Boost installed.
I believe this gun has a 20-50X boost.
Sorry the photo isn't at a better angle. Take note of the "boost" between the power ring and the eyepiece.


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I use a 3.5x10 M3 Leupold on a 308win. It's a fine scope and I don't feel the 10X is a hinderance. This set up regularly turns in low to mid 190 scores at 1000 yards, shooting F class/Bipod.

Today I shot two 6.5x284 natch rifles at 1K. One has a 3.5x15x50NXS mildot and one has a 2.5x10x44 Nikon Tactical. Both were set to maximum magnification. I shot 2 points better with the 10X, and had the same X count with both rifles.

I like the extra magnification. 4-16, 6-20 and 8-24 are all great ranges for competition, but it's not always a good thing. A good 10X scope with excellent glass is a fine match scope as well.

So long as you allow yourself the ability to dial back to at least 10X, you should be fine for range work. If it's to be a dual purpose scope, I find being able to dial back to the 2 to 4 power range VERY desirable.


PS... Guess I should have mensioned I shoot NRA prone, not BR.

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Fatboy..you dont find the M3s a little coarse for fine work? Do you find yourself holding off at all or are you always .5moa off from POA? I dont know if I want a 6-20M1 or a 3-10 M1,M3 for my ROCK rifle... I need a good all around scope for mid to long range (300-1000yrds.) If you had 20x available to shoot 800-1000yrds...wouldnt you use it if mirage wasnt that bad? Whether tactical or competition? Thanks!
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