7WSM with lighter bullets.

Old Coach

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Jul 6, 2008
I want to load the 7WSM with 140grn bullets.
I use this rifle for deer and hogs at no more than 400yds. most shots are under 200.
I have some NBT 140s and some 140ABs.
Also have H4350, IMR4350, H4831sc, RL22 and RL25.
Anybody use a lighter bullet in the Short Mag.?

I hunted some with a guy this year who used 120 grain Barnes TSX bullets in his 7wsm. He was awesome out to 500-600 yards with it. deer, antelope, cow elk, etc. Hardly any recoil with it.
My 7mmwsm x 300 in M700 mountain rifle just likes 130 xbt , barnes, with RL 19 in the upper sixties and large rifle primers. Shoots moa when I do my part. Haven't shot it over 300 yds but it is accurate with the barnes or tried the TSX 140 or larger. Why fix it?
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