7mmbuster needs a talking to


This is what we as Long range hunters have gone through for years. The UNKNOWING short range shooter and his uneducated and unknowing comments.

Other hunters especially the short range type, have no idea what a bullet will do at extended range. They all think because they screwed up on an animal and lost it, that we do too.
In reality, we don't lose the game with the equipment we have and THAT'S what they have NEVER seen or would understand and believe.

It's best not to try and give an explanation to them because they would NEVER believe it anyway, as set in their ways, as they are.

Those type hunters would NEVER spend, or be allowed to spend, the amount of money we have for our equipment to be able to do it the correct way.

They should be left in their own little world of short range hunting and let the LR hunter enjoy this site and the sport of LR hunting as we have for many years.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't really care if anyone believes what we do or not. I KNOW what can be done at extreme longrange to an animal and that's all that counts.
Sort of like saying---Been there, done that many times.

Darryl Cassel

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The reason I joined this forum is to get the knowledge I need for long range hunting & I know that I'm not ready. When I can consistantly punch paper at a long distance then I'll start groundhogging at those same distances. After that becomes a normal thing I'll start with the big game. Other sites only discourage what I know I'm capable of but I totally agree with only taking short range shots if thats what you want to do or is all you are capable of, but I'll use my shotgun or my bow for short range shots. Thanx for all the info you've shared.
Thank you for going over there and at least trying.You are doing a much better job than I ever could.My computer is a total mess and at this time I cant even post over there.Its just when I see something like that I think that all the PETAS are having a good laugh at us and Id much rather hang out with any kind of hunter or shooter than a PETA.
Boyd,Darryl and the other regulars,
I shot IBS and NBRSA Benchrest for over 10 years.But my first love is still woodchuck hunting.I've pushed my Hammond built 22 CHeetah to well past 650 yards.Which says alot for what can be done with a 52g Berger bullet.About 2 years ago I had a heavy(12Lbs)
300 win mag built by Dan Dowling.I finally got this thing worked up and was very impressed as I shot a 1.396 six shot group at 300 yards with 180 ballistic tips just before last deer season.I have a buddie that has the excact same gun and we have it worked out to 650 yards.
I have everything I need to shoot long range.
Armor shooting bench
Hart front rest
A good shooting gun
A German model Barr and Stroud 250 meter base line rangefinder from 1936
Leica Geovids
Spotting scope
Only thing I dont have are spacemasters

Reading this sight has got me interested in in trying to push this 300 out to 1000 yards
Thanks guys
Dave 7MM is how I found this place!!

Y'all will meet some learning curve opposition over there but it is a great site...the one I call home.

Come on over all are welcome....


I thawt those guys at the other forum were actually pretty polite and more open than I figured they would be. You guys did a good job of staying calm and 'splaining yer sport.

I am VERY new to this myself and just sitting on the sidelines soaking up the knowledge....
Ive been to Williamsport.Just once.I live in Erie Pa.Thats about 4.5 hours from you guys and its probley a good thing.Having me wandering around over there would be like having a drug addict wandering around in a DEA (drug enforcment agency) evidence warehouse.At this point in time I'd rather travel to hunt than travel to shoot.I cant do both.
I used to shoot BR at the Titusville Area Sportsmen Club with Howard Drake.Howard and his shooting buddie John Easton talked myself and a friend of mine to travel over there.Its been like 7 years now.To say I had a blast would be a understatment.
Darryl, I was thinking of you about 3 weeks ago.I went on my first Texas hog hunt.
I was sitting in a hut on a cut line that was about 1400 yards long.My Geovids were pooping out at about 950 yards and low and behold a whole herd of pigs steps out into the open at about 850 yards.I just watched.Man to bad Darryl isnt here.We could have a pig roast.:)
This Texas hog hunting is a blast.No bag limits.No hunting hours.No orange punkin suits.Pigs go anywhere from small little 20
pound porkers to 650 monsters that will try to kill you and eat you if you dont make a good shot.
I ended up shooting a pig with a new gun that I had built by Dave Tooley.Its called a 25 Booboo made on a RWS 8x68s case.Its about the size of a 300 Win mag case but this brass is some of the finest quality that I have ever worked with.Didnt someone set a new record with a 30 Booboo not to long ago?
got to run have a great day
So, Boyd - I see you're making more new friends at other forums

BTW - I'm working on getting the 300 W'by stuff together (I didn't have any 220 MK's
in my stash). I will be bugging you a lot.

I'm attempting to conceal my ignorance, but, remember, before the MK thread started at AR, I was your typical 100 yard shooter, so, dumb question #1:
You said I'd need 28.8 MOA to get a 220 MK @ 2800 FPS on target at 1,000 yards. Would that equate, roughly, to a setting of 31" high at 100 yards?
Dumb question #2: I'm assuming you zero dead on at 100, then make elevation adjustments rather than attempting to 'hold over'. Is that correct?


Yes.I seem to have friend's all over.LoL!!!!Yes you would be some where around 30 or 31 inches high at 100 yard's to be dead on at 1000 yard's.However that # would change with the temp and altitude.Yes I zero all my gun's at 100 yard's.I know it would be a long drive for you.But if you were to bring that gun down here we could have you set up in a day.
Boyd -

Once I get all my stuff together, and get a good load worked up (I'm thinking 73 or 74 H4831 should get 2800 +/- w/220 MK in 300 W'by?), I'll be in touch. You may be sorry you offered to help out.

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