7mm WSM and RL26

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Dec 26, 2013
Fort Gratiot MI
Has anybody gotten around to actually testing the 7 WSM & RL26? If you check out Alliant new manual it looks really impressive! It shows that it actually out runs the 7 WBY & 7 STW with 160-175gr bullets with the same powder. I have been looking for some of this super powder and have had no luck. It just seems to good to be true. A short action magnum that can out run the STW! Any feedback would be appreciated. As I shoot a couple of 7 WSM's :D
Ran it in the 300WSM and yes it was VERY impressive I would have to assume that it will do wonders in the 7WSM with the heavy pills. gun)
I have a load that is pretty promising with 150 ablr but I couldn't even get to the 160 max charge with it before getting some signs of pressure but this is kind of normal for this rifle as I can only run around 63 gr rl 25 with 160 ab, I would definitely start low and work it up if you get some rl 26 I have been trying to get out and get chrony readings on some and compare to rl 25 so far I have only been testing at longer ranges looking for a load
yes 7wsm, savage, 24 in benchmark heavy sporter barrel, vais brake all I have as of now isn't much I have a three shot group at 350 yds that was 2.5 in but two of the three were under a half inch center to center, this has been something I have been fooling with while working on a 300 rum load with rl 26 I have not even tried them at 100 yds yet I am hoping to get some chrony data for both this weekend
the 7wsm load that I came up with doing a ladder test 62 gr rl 26 150 lrab chronoed at 2850 fps ,same load 160 ab gave 2888 fps I was expecting a little more but if you compare that to alliants max load with a 160 there should be some room for some velocity to be gained as I believe I am around a start load , when I get some time I might try it again but I don't think I can get to a higher node in my rifle with this combo before I get excessive pressure this gun is that way with everything I have ran in it but it shoots real good , I have a factory win 7 wsm that I can push a lot harder than this gun I might try it next , Remember to start low and work up
I've recently been trying RL26 in my 7wsm with 168gr bergers. It has plenty of velocity, but I'm still looking for an accuracy load. Has anyone tried RL26 with 180gr bergers? Maybe I can slow it down with a heavier bullet and find an accuracy node for the 180's but still be around 3000fps. I was pushing the 168's to 3200fps but only getting 1" groups at 100 yards.

If I can't find an accurate load with 180's and RL26, I'll probably just go back to my H1000 and 168 load.
Im running 59 grains of R26 in my Sherman short mag (improved version of saum) and getting 2920-2930 fps with 195 Berger eol bullets. I was messing around the other day and 60 grain seems to be more accurate so maybe around 2950 fps?

WSM has more capacity, so you should be able to kick it up a notch. Barrel burner though :D :D :D. That is why I didn't get one.

Im seriously considering a lighter bullet. 90% of my deer are under 250 yards. A 168 amax at 3200 fps should smoke everything in its path. Considering my current results with a 195, I might even hope for 3250-3300.
Most people are sold out, but Wideners has RL-26 in stock.

I loaded 67grains under the 175 grain ELD-X and shot them yesterday. These are at 3.050 overal length. Pressure was fine, fired cases would rechamber. Accuracy was ok but needs a little tuning.
I am getting around 3050 out of my 7WSM with sierras new 183 match king and 67.5gr RL 26. Its a hot load so please DO NOT start there. I haven't shot this load a lot but I was fooling around with it at 1844 yards just to see what would happen and was surprised to see it hold 1 MOA or a little less as long as I could keep a close enough eye on the wind. As far as out running a STW I am quite skeptical but then I have no experience with the STW so I cant say for sure.
Let’s liven this thread up again. My rebarrel is almost complete. I’m wanting to try RL26 with 175 ELD-X and possibly the 162’s... real world results??
It’s starting to look like the speed of the 162 class bullets may overcome the BC of the 175 class bullets.