7mm STW

My brother-in-law just had a friend of his give him a 7mm STW.

Any ideas for a good load for this caliber?

Never mind the load who's his friend !!!! Ha Ha.

All kidding aside 7828 was developed for the 7 STW and my best load was with H 5010 (no
longer made) but H 50BMG is good and so is H 869 for heaver bullets and for 140class bullets
H 1000 and Retumbo are a little faster but start low with them and work up.

I shoot 80.0grs of Reloader-22 or Winchester WXR with 140gr bullets.I get 1/2" groups and 3450fps out of my Remington Sendero.
82grns H-1000 shooting 140 grn Accubonds and Bergers. Hits animals like a hammer of Thor. I shoot in deep south Texas so my loads may prove light to northern climates but it is not uncommon to shoot in 80 degree weather in February.
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The 7stw really performs at long range with the 180 Berger. The BC is too low on the 140 grainers. I shoot the 180's at 3050 fps from a 26 inch barrel and am getting awesome groups at 1000 yards.
Has anyone tried Reloader 25? I was using H870 (no longer available) and AA 8700 ( no longer available) and had developed some very accurate and impressive loads for bullets up to 168 gr. Now I have to start all over again to find what combinations work well in my Rugr No.1. Any info would be appreciated. I would have a decent starting point. Can anyone furnish the pressure recommendations as well? The loading data tha I am finding is 53,000 psi maximum and velocities listed are in the range of my 7mm Remington Mag.
I had two STW's and they performed well with max loads of Reloader 22 with 140 and 160 grain TSX's and Accubonds. IMR 7828 was impressive too.
For some odd reason, my rifle didn't like any combination of bullets or weights with RL 22. I may try it again. H1000 and IMR 7828 were good performers with all bullet weights, just can't find any locally. My supplier has had an order in for over 3 months and has not received powder, primers, or powder. So I'm trying to work up loads with the powder that I have on hand for this season.
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