7mm RUM


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Jul 6, 2008
i have the senduro also in 7mm rum.
I have tried the remington 140grn psp with RL-25 and also the swift sciroocco 150grn with RL-25..
I also use h-50bmg with both of these bullets and Im going by the 48th edition lyman book.. the 150 grn bullet ive loaded at 102.0 grains of h 50bmg and up to 104.5 grains. the RL-25 ive loaded the 140 psp around 85-90 grains . is there anyone else loading the 7mm rum and have loaded a good bit.. im looking for some other ppl who found good loads? my name is dave from pa hi everyone.
hey Dave

I have found that lighter bullets with the 7 ultra do it no justice. The 168 berger vld works great with 97grns of H870 with fed 215 primers to light it off and will get you close to 3300fps. This load was max at 40 deg. On warm days this charge would be to much. also retumbo works very well too and is not so temp sensitive.
Seems like your a little on the light side with the RL25 but I know that powder does differ from lot to lot in my experience. Hornady and Hodgdon both have data for the 7 rum as does Accurate Powder and if you call or email Ramshot powders does too. 3400 fps should be very acheivable with 140's provided you have a 26" bbl or longer. I would look at Retumbo in the Hodgdon data. I will say that the hornady data usually acheives the velocity they say it will. I load a little warmer than book sometimes so I'm not comfy telling you how high you should go as each gun is different unto itself. Suffice to say that in my gun 3500 plus is achievable with 140 accubonds and 3400 plus with 150 partitions. I have found that retumbo powder has given me better accuracy with rem 9.5m primers and RL 25 with fed 215's.
I bought the Remington Senduro 26 inch heavy barrel.1-9 1/2 twist.
I plan to use this gun shooting long ranges. my family has been doing this for about 40 years now .. theres some nice places here in pa to shoot from ridge to ridge. I loaded some 150 grain swift scirooco with H-50 BMG at 104.5 they should zing huh!! this is gun shoots so nice .ammo is not cheap though. is there anyone out there with any for sale i may buy!!
i think im going to try to get some info on the 7mm rum with hornady and some other bullet weights in the 160 grain range or better.gun)
HEY does anyone have or know where there IS some brass or loaded ammo anyone has for auction or just sale?

Whos here from pa that shoots distances?
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