7mm RUM


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Aug 23, 2010
Having recently purchased a 7mm RUM (Rem 700 CDL) I was hoping someone might have some advice as to powders, bullet weights or general loading information you may have found while reloading for this cartridge.

I was interested in shooting the heavier bergers and sierras in it but it doesn’t have a 1 in 9 twist required by the 180gr bergers…….or would they stabilize with it’s twist (1:9 ½)

I am also interested in some of the middle weight barnes TTSx bullets if anyone has experience with those in this cartridge.

Any other information regarding reloading and or shooting this cartridge would be appreciated.

I always push retumbo, it gives best speeds. H-1000 was good, just not as available at the time that I purchased all the retumbo.

In any other 7 I would think the 162s would maybe not stabilize in the 1 in 9.5 but I would be so bold as to assume that the ultra pushes it fast enough to stabilize.

On a weird note, the best groups out of my sender have been with 120 nosler b tips over a max load of retumbo. The 150 sciroccos and 162 a maxs ranged from ok to terrible, light bullets werent exactly my goal for the big 7, hopefully the lot of accubonds will shoot as good.

As far as published data, hogdon has data online. For barnes I'm sure they have a downloadable pdf of data for specific bullet weights.
The only way to find out if you have a fast enough twist for the 180VLD is to try and shoot them.

Your go-to powders are going to be Retumbo and H1000. You can find load data here:

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