7mm Rem throat length/freebore???


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Oct 23, 2009
I was wondering how much free bore a production 7mm has? Have you guys been able to get close to the lands and still be in the magazine? Thanks
My Savage lets me load to the lands and fit the mag with 162SST's. I back off a couple thousands though after jamming one into the rifling and the bullet getting stuck when I ejected the cartidge. Not good in a hunting senario.
Is this usually the case with factory rifles? The reason I'm so concerned is im really thinking about getting a weatherby accumark in 7mm rem mag because I was told that they dont have the freebore that the weatherby mags do. I really like weatherby's but I hate the freebore. I called weatherby and they couldn't tell me much about them other than they go off of standard saami standards or whatever. I just don't want to buy one and not be able to fit shells in the mag. Also would a 1-9.5 stabilize the 180gr berger? Thanks
My father in law has a stock sendero 7mm rem mag and he loads his bergers just a few thousands off the lands and they fit in his magazine. I also have a stock rem 5R in 300 win mag and I can reach the lands and still fit the mag.
Years of hand loading for the 7mm Rem mag here, with several different rifles. Most let me seat the bullet well out. One Win 70 had a pretty short throat allowing factory length cartridges only.

The longest throat was on a very accurate Sendero I owned for a few years. That thing was very, very accurate and capable of rather high velocity too. Impressive rifle. Too bad I had to sell due to hard times financially.

Any gunsmith worth their salt can add a little length to the chamber if you want, allowing you to seat the bullet out farther. That works really well. Actually gives you more powder capacity to play with... Of course then you're pretty much on your own to determine what constitutes a max load, because you're no longer playing with a factory spec chamber.

Some impressive results can be obtained.

Regards, Guy
Thanks for all the replies. My biggest concern is being able to seat them to the throat and still fit in the mag which sounds like I will be able to. Thanks
Weatherby Vangard will let you seat the bullet into the lands and still fit in the mag. 9 1/2 twist will stabilize the 180 berger in two rifles I have experience shooting.
The freebore is different for each gun maker. My ruger's col for a nosler 150 gr ballistic tip is 3.358. the col for hornady's 154 gr sst is 3.392. Different guns will not be the same as my ruger I have found out.
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