7mm rem mag to 300 RUM


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Feb 19, 2009
Peoria, AZ
Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay on my first post. Love the website and all the info that everyone provides! I am in the process of converting my 7mm rem mag sendero to a 300 RUM. Got a 30" Krieger 1:10 that I am going to push some 208 AMAX or 210 Berger's. My question is should I have the smith open up the magazine box on the action to accomodate an aftermarket magazine (DBM) or is the general advice just to single feed? Going to mostly be used for target shooting and maybe a little hunting, like prairie dogs and mule deer. Can't really use it for elk in AZ as there are to many boneheads that like to road hunt and blow a lot of opportunities for most of us hunters. I have other rifles for the close range shots anyways. Anyways, if using an aftermarket is a good thought, what would be the way to go? I am all ears and appreciate any advice!
Detachable mags look cool, but aren't really aren't viable on the RUM, especially if you are handloading VLD's and the like. The COAL is going to be too long to accomodate any aftermarket system even if a smith could open up the stock/box/action.

For target shooting, one at a time is good. For hunting, good bullet and good shot placement, will diminish the need for a follow up. The round hits like a hammer.

Mine is a 28" Krieger 1-11 twist #7Hvy Varmint. It shoots very will with 190VLD's. 2" 3shot group at 500yds
Thanks KDB for bringing me back into the real world! I appreciate the advice and hopefully will get some down the tube shortly.
Have a wyatts extended mag box installed and use the original bdl floorplate this will get you an extra .100 of coal. Then have the smith ream a chamber with the proper lead for 210's. It's a simple deal.
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