7mm Rem Mag to .257 caliber?

big hunter

Mar 6, 2002
I figure it would be about the same as a .257 Weatherby with less cost. Any expierence with it? What is it capable of? How far would one of you really expierenced guys take it? I'm kinda curious here. Thanks in advance.
I don't have any experience with it, but wouldn't it be ballisticaly similar to a 25-06 Imp or 264 Win Mag?

I know the 257 STW was popular at one time.

I know this isn't much help, just added food for thought if you were thinking of building one.

There is some data on a 300 win mag necked to 25 cal over on the accuratereloading.com site. Look under the section for load data. This ain't a 7mag necked to 25 but it is real close.
I like a 25 caliber but it suffers from the fact that there is not as many quality match grade bullets made for it as there is with the 7mm and the 6.5 cals. 308
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