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Dec 21, 2009
Hello everyone i am new here. I am looking into purchasing a custom built rifle and I love long range flat shooting rifles. Right now I am shooting a .30-378 wby accumark and I love this gun and I just want to add to what I have. I have been reading up on the 7mm AM and was interested if anyone out there shoots one and has any info for me on this gun and how you like it.
Don't own one but owners on this Forum report they shoot like lasers with heavy for caliber bullets. They excel at long ranges using high BC bullets of ~200 grains. Some of these guys will probably respond. You might use the search function and search historical threads & posts covering the 7mm Allen Magnum. If you get one, let us know how it goes!
Don't buy one they're no good.:rolleyes: NO......wait, I've got one. In fact I've got the first one out the door and it's amazing.:) I wouldn't part with it for anything.

If all you want is amazing ballistics and long range killing power in an easy to handle gun then it's what you're looking for.

Like was mentioned, in addition to BB's links, use the search feature and get ready for a lot of reading.
it looks like an awsome rig. just curious what kind of money am i looking at putting inot a rifle like this? how does this gun do on barrel life? i hunt on my familys farm and could shoot whitetails up to 1000 yds with the right set up. thanks for getting back to me guys and hopefully i will be letting you all know that i have added one to my safe with my others.
3000-4000 for the rifle
2000-3000 rifle scope, bases and rings
500 for brass, bullets, primers, POWDER, custom dies
800-1500 for a good range finder

and you are good to go .
how does this gun do on barrel life

Anytime you go to high performance you can expect to use premium gas, Goodyear Eagle F1s and rebuild the motor more frequently. :D

I do not believe any one knows what the barrel life is. Original estimates were 800 or so rounds of 1000 yard hunting accuracy.
Tightline2001, welcome, glad to have you here. Just to throw a few into the mix there's the 338 EDGE-300 rum improved and 338AX-338 Lapua Improved by Kirby Allen...Worth a look.
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If you are only going to be shooting out to 1k, you could get by with something less. But, they are nice to shoot! 175g Sierra Matchking at 3450 fps.
ive always had a thing for big caliber rifles. plus i love watching the deer just drop in there tracks! how does that 7mm AM compare to my .30-378 wby? anyone have any idea? my cousin has been after me for years to go to colorado with him to mule deer and elk hunt so it would be nice to have something that i know i could get it done with. plus all i have on my .30-378 is a 4.5x14x50mm vxII
Well, you really don't NEED a lot of scope, Kirby's 7mm AM that I shot had a 10x Mark 4 scope on it when I shot it. My first time shooting his gun, the first two shots from his gun went into a 2 3/4" group at a bit over 600 Yds.

If you have a ballistic program, compare what you're shooting to a .284 200g bullet at 3250 to 3300 fps that has a bc of .9
The 7AM with a 200 grain bullet and the 30-378 with a 240 SMK are very similar if similar barrels and reloading techniques are used. Both will perform better with a longer barrel than 26 inches. The problem is as Brian Litz has described, the 30 caliber just doesn't have a really good long range bullet. The 240 SMK is a fat dog wallowing through the air. It needs a better ogive shape

I spent a lot of time trying to decide between a custom 30-378 and a custom 7AM being as I am a big Weatherby fan and a big 7mm fan. It was hard to decide. If both are custom rifles it is a hard decision but comparing a custom 7AM against a factory 30-378 the needle points to the custom rifle because of accuracy.

There were a few reports of some good aluminum tipped bullets in 30 cal but it was hard to verify the credibility of the reports ( and that is putting it mildly).
yea my wby accumark has a 26 inch barrel with and i have the trigger set at 1.9 lbs. at 100 yds all three shots are touching. i am shooting the 210 berger vld with 98 grains of h1000 and fed 215m primmers. they are shooting 2905 fps

what sized barrel should i go with if i do go with a 7mm am? before i spend the money i just want to make sure i am improving on what i have. i dont want to get rid of my wby everything i have shot with it out 360 yds has never taken a step.

i guess what i am getting at is should i build up my accumark or get the 7mm am?

you cant never have enough rifles though!
My feeling is you should just go ahead and email Kirby and have this conversation with him. He is a very honest guy and will not sell you a rifle that is not what you need or want. If you want a 7AM and that is what makes you happy, he will build you a very great rifle.
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