7MM 168gr Berger VLD hunting load data


Nov 27, 2011
Most people that I know will use H1000 or R22, 25 for loading 7mag. There are a handful that use IMR4350 or 7828, but still fall back to the flagship powders.

I'm still working up a load for my new 7mag that I finished building a few months ago and you might want to try and find some H1000 or Reloader 22 to use as they perform so much better in my experiences.

My most recent range outing landed me a 0.75" group at 486 yards. (image attached)

Recipe: 168 Berger VLD hunting (2thou off the lands), 64.5 Reloader 22, CCI Large Rifle Magnum Primer, Fire formed brass, neck tension after sizing(neck only) 0.277".

*This load will not have the same results for your gun as it does with mine, but for my other 7mags, I either use Reloader 22 or H1000.*

Don't try and force your gun to use a specific powder because it's what you have, it might be worth a drive somewhere or paying extra shipping to get something that your gun likes.


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Dec 30, 2018
Phoenix Arizona
Can someone help me I have a 77mm rem mag 24 inch barrel
Hornady cartridge winchester primer .an I have 2 powders h4831 and retumbo what is the best way to load this bullets for hunting trying shoot as far as I can please help
63.5 grains of the h4831 coal at 3.44 Cci primers with Winchester brass shoots all three in the same hole good luck.
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