7mm - 162 AMAX


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Feb 26, 2003
There has been a lot of discussion about using these bullets for long range hunting.

Is there a point at which they are known to blow up?

I am pretty sure I can get them to at least 3400 to 3500 fps.

Are they like Nosler BTs and blow up if they are driven too fast when they hit game?

Doug, Any bullet will blow if the impact vel is high enough. The issue is what will be the impact vel, not the muzzle vel.

The amax is not a heavily constructed bullet so impact vel over 3000fps should be avoided. For LR shooting, that will not be an issue as after 300yds, the bullets have slowed down enough to work well.

If you anticipate some close shots, try the new 162gr SST. That should handle the higher impact vels and still expand downrange.


I have some 154 and 162 SSTs.

So far they haven't shot as well as the 162 AMAX though.

Having the 7mm RUM rebarreled and will try them when I get it back.

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