7mm, 130 grain HV, bullets from GS custom


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Jun 20, 2001
I just got back from the range after doing some test loads for my 7STW. I was not concerned with accuracy today or at least I didn't expect alot. I was just out to test pressure and velocity to find a starting point. I was using the 130 grain HV bullet from GS customs. This bullet has a advertized BC of .550, and it's terminal performance is similar to that of a Barnes X, but with better low velocity expansion. I loaded 2 rounds of each charge weight from 80 to 85 grains with RL-22, and IMR-7828. OAL was 3.65. I full length resized all brass (once fired, RP-7STW), and uniformed the primer pockets. I then out side neck turned down to .015, most brass cleaned up ninety percent, and my chamber isn't a tight neck so I stopped there. The real amazing thing is going to be the velocitys I achieved with a 27.5" barrel.

Temp- 80 to 85 degrees
Altittude - 4200

B]Powder charge/ RL-22[/B]
80- velocity 3720, 3737; two shots .27
81- vel- 3797, 3781; 2 shots touching
82- vel- 3836, 3850; 2 shots touching
83- vel- 3920, 3927; 2 shots touching, ejector marks present, primers flattened. I stopped there. I will pull the bullets from the higher powder charges with this powder.

80- vel-3720, 3731, two shots .34
81- vel-3796, 3805, 2 shots touching into same group as 80 grains. At this point I just shot all other groups into AG.

82- vel- 3856, 3863
83- vel- 3916, 3920
84- vel- 3980, 3983
85- vel- 4074, 4068; ejecter marks showed up, but bolt did not stick at all. Primers where starting to flatten, but not crater. Temp was 85 and so was the ammo.
Another surprise!
Excluding one horrible flinch flyer. The 11 shot aggregate measured .78 with a decent amount of mirage present. I have measured case heads, and none have swollen. Not even in the real hot loads. I am really looking forward to a 3900fps load that shoots in the .2's. This isn't much of a test but I am excited.
Vince Foster
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