700 SS-DM, rebarrel and cartridge advice please..


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Aug 28, 2002
I have a Remington Stainless Synthetic in .338 WinMag. I want to rebarrel it to something with more jam for longer ranges but I'm not sure what will fit in the action. It has the detachable mag so I'm pretty sure that limits my options substantially. If it would fit, I'd like to go with .338/.416, a .338 RUM or something similar. I want to shoot the 300 Sierras. If I can't fit those, I may consider something in a .30.

Will this action work, or am I better to leave it as is and just rebarrel and chamber it for something with a similar cartridge size?
338RUM will fit in the long action, I don't know about any additional fitting with the detachable mag model, best to check with a gunsmith type on that issue.
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