SOLD/EXPIRED 7 STW Barrel 26 in. with brake for Model 70 Price Lowered



I am posting for a friend, He is selling a Win. Mod. 70 barrel 26 in long with a muzzle brake. Barrel has just under 300 rds thru it.
$150.00 or best offer plus shipping.
He told me just to post his phone #
His name is Jay 480-221-5736 if he doesn't answer leave a message.

He also has a bunch of stuff to go with the barrel that you might be interested in
Dies, full length and neck sizer $50.00
6 boxes new federal vital shock 150gr. Noslers $40.00 each
1 box of above with only 19 in it. $38.00
1 box remington 140gr. core lokt $35.00
62 new remington brass $40.00
89 once fired brass mixed $40.00
5 boxes once fired brass $50.00
Nosler custom brass box of 25 $40.00

I will try to post sold items as they are sold.
Re: 7 STW Barrel 26 in. with brake for Model 70

The barrel is now $125.00 and the brake on it is a Vias.

The brass is all sold
The dies are RCBS
The loaded ammo is now $35.00 each and if you buy all of them he will pay for the shipping.