7.62 brass in 308win rifles


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Jun 13, 2012
Anybody use military brass to reload for their commercial rifles? I've been using IVI 7.62nato brass and working up loads in my Savage Model 10FLCP-K 308win and have been getting pretty good results at 200yds with 175gn SMK's using Varget and H4895. I been getting 5 shot groups that will fit inside your thumb nail at that distance:D which I think is pretty good! opinions and thoughts anyone!:cool:
I have a a bunch of LC Match and LC mil spec brass. I've used it in the past, but not with any regularity. It will get the job done for sure. I did have to buy a crimp remover for the primer pocket. Once I got that fixed, they worked good.

I shoot the LC match no problems out of my rem milspc .308
I was wondering if the LC match has the crimped primer pocket, or just the ball ammo?I bought some and the guy said it was once fired? No crimping on the pockets?
The IVI brass I bought from Top Brass didn't have any primer crimps:rolleyes: I don't know if it was made this way or if they preped it before sale? I have read that some of the Federal and a few other 7.62nato brass is not made with the primer crimp! I chose to use the IVI because it was new brass and I like the heavier walled milspec brass I think it'll hold up better in the long run JMO:cool: and the fact it was cheaper than buying commercial brass. I also have a NM M1A and a GI M1A so it was a no brainer on my choice for the brass! I have done a full prep on the brass I'm running thru the Savage turning the necks and all and have kept the case weights with in 1gn or less, the Varget gives me the best accuracy at this point with the 175gn SMK's sub moa@200yds! I have a few more tests to run on my powder charge I'm at 38gn's of Varget and my next loads will be 38.5gn's of Varget to see if I get my max load target velocity which is 2440fps which according to Steven Ragwells book on loading military cases, the 7.62nato brass in commercial rifles this should keep my pressures around 50,000psi so its safe to shoot in any rifle chambered in 308win or 7.62nato, gun)
I knew that crimped primers were intended for the use in a machinegun so they don't back out during the consistant jaring of the gun firing but I wasn't sure if all 7.62nato brass was made to the spec standard of that type use? I know for example PMC 308win is made to Nato spec's and its not made with a crimped primer and I've also seen a few other manufactures who don't use the crimping as well:)
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