7-300 win mag at 1200 yards

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Pretty nice morning so I packed up and headed out to Jakes with the 7-300 win mag and hopes to get on at 1200 and 1400 see how they grouped and confirm zero's etc...

    I was not able to get on the 1400 gong today. Wind kicked up a bit more and mirage got worse. I shot 3 times and could never tell where I was hitting so I called it a day. Will try again on a non windy day and hopefully no mirage. I did however drive up to the 1400 gong and noticed all 3 of my bullets in roughly a 12" group a bit low and to the right of the plate. I had 38 MOA dialed so I"m thinking another 1 MOA would get me where I need to be elevation wise. Wind and mirage can be something else.

    Took me 2 shots to get on at 1200 with the wind, elevation was spot on at 28 MOA, ended up with 1.75 MOA for the correct wind and then fired a 6.5", 3 shot group prone w/bipod. Was 4.5" of vertical in the group. My best group to date at 1200, pretty stoked, again considering the conditions were not ideal.

    Conditions were about a 10 MPH quarter value wind, switching, dying off etc, 50 degrees, 930 ft ASL, 30.3 pressure.

    Load is 75.5g H1000 with a 162 Hornady AMAX at 3150fps.

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    Feb 29, 2012
    not too shabby, have you ran anything else out of that rifle bullet wise? I have not really sat down with my 7-300 win and got great data for drops, but I have made some good shots to 1050.
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    Dec 4, 2007

    Congrat's on your new rifle:D, she's a Beauty!!! always nice to read your posts, your one Great Young Riflemen, and an Excellent teacher, keep up the great info, cause you teach so many with your knowledge. wishing you and your Father all the best!!!!!:) regards jeffgun)