6mmRem 95gr VLD loads


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Jun 8, 2009
Afognak Island, Alaska
I bought a Remington ADL 30.06 off KSL.com a this past spring for my daughter's spring Idaho bear hunt. Turns out it shot shotgun pattern groups at 100yds. I took the barrel to work and cut it down the middle with a bandsaw and low and behold the throat and four or five inches of lands were roasted out. Two inches back from the muzzle was worn too, ?!.

Anyway, I found a 6mmRem bullbarrel on benchrestcentral.com and had a smith true up the action and install the barrel. Now it consistantly shoots 3/4 groups with 95gr Hornady SSTs and H4350. I'm a happy camper once again.

However, I'm looking into shooting Berger 95 VLDs. I sent an email to Berger requesting load information but haven't recieved a reply yet. Do any of you guys have any pet loads or any starting loads I can try? I'm out of projects right now and hunting season is over here in No. Utah so I'm scraping for things to fuss with. I'm driving my wife crazy laying on the couch in my skivies, half a beer in one hand and the remote in the other, whining about this and that.

My barrel has a 1-9 twist.
COAL of 95gr VLDs just touching the lands is 3.059
I cannot give you a definite load for the 6mm with 95 grain VLD but I shoot Sierra 85 gr HPBT and get excellent results with VVN140. I tried VVN150 and it was pretty good when I went to 140 and tried 4 different powder charges with .3 grains from max my groups went to 1/2 5 shot groups. Do your research and give VV powders a try.
+1 on what Casing said about Vihtavuori powders. I shoot N560 behind the 95gn Ballistic Tip in my .243Win (different bird, I know) and get excellent velocity and accuracy. JohnnyK.
Ditto, I shoot VVN560 in my 243 win. with 100 grain Sierra Pro Hunter and 5 shots all touch at 100 yds.
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