638 yard mule deer

Bud Martin

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Apr 6, 2009
Here's a picture of a very happy Derek Upham from Idaho. he came up to hunt with us and had never shot a long range rifle before. I showed him a bit of shooting on a sandstone cliff at 997 yards and he decided he wanted to try my rifle on a deer if he got a chance. we spotted this buck at 1580 yards but thought it best to get the distance cut in half for his first long shot. at 638 we set up the sandbags and got him settled in behind the model 70 .264, the deer was bedded facing uphill and away so I had him hold at the base of the neck and at the shot the buck dropped his head and never even twitched. it would have been a great one to have on film.
638 yards and first time shooting a longrange rifle. I'd say pretty impressive and something to be quite proud. Congratulations to your friend and job well done on your part as coach.:)
I remember at least one outfitter I used years ago who was long range UN-friendly. Glad to see you embracing it, Bud.
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