6.5 x 55 Cleaning kit

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    Jun 13, 2007

    DO NOT Buy a pre assembled kit. Most are aluminum rods that will collect grit and be like running sandpaper down the bore.

    Buy a good one piece coated 44" rod from either Dewey or Bore tech. I like Bore Tech best.

    buy a Dewey-Pierce style 6.5 jag that allows you to pierce a patch or wrap it.

    Buy the following items to go with it. Nylon bristle bore brush, Sinclair action cleaning kit (ACT-2) this is to clean chamber and action after cleaning bore. I use large shotgun patches around bore mop on tool to soak up solvent. Action and bore must be clean and dry before firing. then lube bolt.

    Use either Montana extreme or Butchs Bore shine solvent, JB Bore Paste (for cleaning carbon build up in throat and first couple inches barrel), either Sinclair bolt grease or Montana gun grease ( to keep lugs lubed and engagement points on bolt to prevent galling)
    you will need a bore guide also, either Stoney Point or the Bore tech. I like the bore tech as it catches any spilled solvent.

    small penlight helps to inspect crown and bore as you are cleaning to deteck any remaining copper.

    either buy or build (wood) a cleaning cradle as shown in sinclairs.

    all of these can be seen and purchased at Sinclair internatanials site. www.sinclairintl.com

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    Apr 21, 2004

    I am looking for a suitable cleaning kit for my new Sako 75 Varmint. My local dealer has .243, and .270 kits. Will one of these sizes do? or should I insist on a .264 kit.

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    Mike O'Sullivan
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    The above mentioned solvents are great to use after an extended range session but for use after say some 10 shots at groundhogs you can get away with plain Kroil to remove the powder fouling or a less agressive bore cleaner like Hoppe's Bench Rest.

    Follow the instructions exactly with cleaners - the stronger ones can frost or etch bores if left too long. I would not be using JB too often.
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    Don't wreck your crown cleaning your barrel! The Crown Cradle is a bore guide for the muzzle crown end of your barrel - the last thing the bullet touches on the way down range!

    Get it here!

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