6.5 x 06


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May 11, 2012
I am in the process of building a 6.5 x 06 for long range hunting and target shooting.
Information I require is what barrel length do I need what powders and what bullets and what twist.
I know I will get all sorts of answers to every question but its something to work on.
I have purchased a Rem 700 30-06 as a donor action.
I am based in the UK and can't find anyone who ownes one.
Is there no one in the worlds biggest shooting nation that no's anything about 6.5x06 and can hekp me with my problem
Use an 8 twist barrel and 140 grain projectiles. Bergers are really effective.

I like cut barrels.

Powders often used can be but not limited to Hodgdon, 4831sc, 4350, H1000 or IMR 7828ssc. Others will also work.

26-28 inches depending on use ect

There is already oodles of information ref the 6.5-06 already on the site/internet in general. Just do a search.

You are also limited as to who has a reamer for it in the UK. Border do and if you chose to use them, speak to Lee and he will help you with the spec.
Just picked mine up 3 weeks ago in the 6.5-06. 24 inch barrel 8 twist. Its set up for 130-140 gr bullets. Started w/ the Berger 140 gr. First powder I tried was the H4831SC, 3004 fps. Shoots well. Good luck. Bruce
You need at least 24" of barrel 26" is better and 8" twist. 4350 or slower powders and for long range target 140 Berger bullets are good ones. For a really good all a round game bullet the 130 or 140 gr Nolser Accubond will take on most bull elk size game and smaller anywhere.
I've shot 6.5's for over 30 years now including the A.I. version and currently my 6.5 Sherman which is an A.I. on steroids. As most have already stated, the heavy bullets are best with an 8 or 81/2 twist. In the A.I. and Sherman, I got the best velocity with RL25, 7828, and retumbo but they both have a little more capacity so Retumbo may be a little too slow? There are also some heavy bullets available now in the 6.5 which really make it a big time performer with a VERY high S.D. and B.C. (155-160 grain). Any powder from 4350 up to the ones I've mentioned seem to work well. You wouldn't go too far wrong if you just bought an 8 pounder of 4831 and stuck with it.
Nearly 30 bull elk have fallen prey to my 6.5's, as well as countless deer, a few black bears, and a moose. For long range, the A-max or Berger are good choices, and I really like the old Nosler partition for under 400......Rich
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