6.5 creedmoor

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Dec 14, 2019
Wausau, WI
Recently purchased a ruger rpr in 6.5 creedmoor. Primary use is long range prairie dogs. 3-700 yards. 1-8" twist. I have I IMR4350 and H4350 powder. Looking for any sweet load recommendations.
What bullet do you want to use?
Recommend 85gr w/ RL17 or H4350 @ 47.5gr. Faster is the RL17.
I concur! 41.5-ish seems to be the magic number for 140's and H4350. Boringly easy, repeatable, accurate...

...130's you say... what velocity are you... no, don't tell me! No, no, no!! Really!!
Support everyone comments above. Slight change to the recipe for a little more speed with 140-150 fps if I recall correctly. Accuracy did not suffer.

Lapua SRP Brass
Cci 450 primer
Lapua Scenar 100 gr. bullets
H4350 with 41.5 gr.
COL 2.734


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From my Ruger Precision Rifle used to get started in PRS competition a few years back. A couple of loads using H4831sc and H4350. Very surprised with the accuracy of these rifles. I have a couple of buddies that get comparable performance from their RPR's