6.5 Creedmoor and Barnes


Nov 24, 2008
Because of California condors, I am limited to non-lead bullets for hunting. Not much selection in the 6.5 in lead free but I managed to get some Barnes LRX in 127gr and Hornady GMX in 120gr. Does anyone have any experience working up loads for these non-lead ammos? Can't find any info especially on the Barnes.
Barnes has quite a few bullets for the 6.5 there's the TSX 120 @ 130
Then the tipped TSX 100 @ 120
Then the LRX witch you know
and the the match burner 140
Start a little below where you would normally start when working up a load. On my 300wm it likes about a .050 jump, and I worked up to a couple/few grs below what most manuals state as max for similar weight bullets.
Just start work up a few grs lower than normal and you should be fine.
Barnes did package these instructions with their bullets . they now have a reloading manual . I never had a problem getting them to shoot well , in fact they were fairly easy . after a few bad hunting experiences I don't use them anymore . if I remember right I found my best seating depth at about .060 jump . they seemed to like to be close to max or slightly over max powder loads . as always start low and work up . Jim

I've actually had good luck with them, they are easy to make shoot accurately, or at least in my hunting guns.
I took an Elk a week ago with a hard quartering shot. In behind the front shoulder and out in front of the back leg. No lose of meat and it fell dead after a few drunken steps. My son took the same shot on his buck and it seemed to knock it off it's feet, DRT. Over the past 8 years I have had one shot kills on all my game with no tracking involved. All dropped where shot.
Although I've reloaded for other type of calibers, I forgot to mention that 6.5CM is a brand new caliber for me. The rifle is still on route. Please share your load data if you have them. I'd like to see what type of powders are being used and if I don't have them I'll get a head start on the powder order while I wait for the Hornady book.
Whelp It seems that h4350 is the favorite for most it ok for me I'm going to try some hybrid 100v next as it gives a little more velocity
I've had good luck with accuracy and velocity using Barnes 120 TSX and 123 Scenar. The Barnes 120 load is 40.1 gr. Varget. The Scenar 123 load is 39.7 gr. Varget. Both loads are loaded with Federal Match Primers and Hornady brass. The rifle is a Savage Model 16 Weather Warrior
I have had minimal success with barnes 120gr & 100gr tsx for my 6.5 Grendel, groups from .5 to 1.5 with both weight bullets, flyers often.. I now have a M1A in 6.5 Creedmoor, starting off with factory Hndy 120gr gmx, which is light for the Creedmoor, then to handloads, Lapua brass and 130gr barnes, tsx. will try different powders, from what I've read, rel 16 or 17, and imr or h4350 seem best. Any suggestions??
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