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    Jan 1, 2004
    I own an encore .22-250 in rifle form for coyote but really want to switch it to a pistol with a 15" barrel and have been told by friends to go with the 6.5-284 wildcat for the most flatest all around round.Any advice on a better long distance round than the 6.5-284 with the less kick for up to 600 YRD shots would be very appreciated.
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    Dec 26, 2001
    If I had to make a wager I'd say that the 257Wby would be noticably flatter shooting than the 6.5x284.
    Although it would probably turn yotes inside-out [​IMG]

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    Mar 17, 2002
    You may want to look at the 6 BR or a imp version shooting the 105g class bullets. You may want to go with a 7 twist. The 6.5-284 would be a fine round for what you want to do I would use a 140g bullet. You would want a 8 twist in the 15" hand gun barrel to stabilize the heavy bullets.
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    You might want to read these before you do that! They are scanned pages of a letter from the Technology Branch of the BATF explaining that it is not legal to convert an Encore or Contender rifle (came from the factory with a buttstock) into a pistol. It is legal to convert a TC that started out life as a pistol into a rifle, just can't go from factory rifle to pistol. Same thing with the XP-100....no problem converting an XP into a rifle, but you can't buy a Remington rifle and make a pistol out of it.

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    page 3

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Those darn Feds! Ya gotta love 'em. And why doesn't Thompson Center just classify all frames as pistols and this rule goes into the rubbish heap where it belongs.
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    Because if they were all pistols.....TC would give up any sales to persons under 21 years old.....and....in states that have more restrictive laws regarding handgun purchase (MO for one).....people would be forced to jump through the handgun purchase hoops to buy an Encore or Contender rifle....can you imagine how many sales of Encore muzzleloaders (legally classified as a firearm by the way) would be lost if they required the same purchase critera as a handgun???

    The part of the letter that I find most disturbing is the part that states that a person is guilty of a felony if they possess an encore or contender rifle that has been illegally configured.....even if the person possessing it doesn't know it is illegal! Since the frames of both rifle and handgun are identicle and bear no marking to distinguish one from another, makes you think twice about buying a used contender or encore if you don't know for positive that it started out life as a handgun!!!