6.5-284: Long or Short Action??

I went with a long action because I had it built with a 1-9 twist for the hevier 140-142gr bullets,These longer bullets will not fit down in the magazine in a short action.With the long action(Rem700)they will fit in the magazine and since I used it for Groundhogs I had to have a repeater for when the shooting was fast.

Landon M.
I built mine on a long action as well but I could have used a short action as mine is only single shot. the only thing with short action if you use the 140g and heavier pills you will need to remove the bolt to eject a live round but if you are going to use 120 grainers you will be ok with the short action.
I am in the proses of building a 6.5/284 on a short hart action and plan on shutting the 142 SMK the barrel is a 1 in 8.5. Its a single shot so I dont half to worry about a magazine.
For single shot shooting, the short action is fine. As has been mentioned though, you will have to remove the bolt to extract a loaded round. Most 1,000 yard gund are built on the short action.
Have fun
Hello PrimeTime,

Really? Remove the bolt before entering 6.5-284 cartridge into the chamber if you have a short action?

I own Remington Model 788 6mm Rem cartridge, short action. I'm planning to convert it to 6.5-284 with 28" barrel someday. I just thought you just open the short bolt and insert the cartridge in by hand. Even thought it comes with the magazine but it will be a single shot. Still, do I have to remove the bolt out of the action and insert amazing accurate cartridge into the chamber? Just asking...

338 Tomahawkallthewaay
No, you ONLY have to take the bolt out when you REMOVE a loaded round. Putting one into the chamber isn't a problem.
I have a 6.5/284 in a Tubb 2000 rifle. It shoots great, but I wish the action was longer, so I could seat out the 140gr sierras longer that OAL 2.825. It is magazine fed, so that is about the longest it can reliably feed. When I shoot out the barrel I might buy a 260 so I can use the magazine fully. The barrels about 25 inches I think, so I dont think I will lose too much velocity. Actually I hoped somebody would make an action to use the Browning Bar magazine because, it is alot cheaper than M-14 mags, and it takes a long action cartridge, like 30-06. I wonder if Prairie Gun Works can do it?
I got the rifle in about 3 months, I think. It was 2 years ago, I think. I got #8. I had a Leopold LR 8.5X25 duplex. Now I got a NSX 5.5X22 with R2 reticle. Its a nice scope, but the reticle is really fine. Next time might go with the mill dot. I think for the money its the way to go. Fully adjustable stock and trigger. Detachable magazine 10-20 rounds. Easily changed barrel you can do yourself. It tends to shoot 1/2 groups with most loads and sometimes 1/4 to one hole groups with Sierra 120 match.
PrimeTime is OK for unload loaded round , I prefer long action for 6.5/284 and because I use long action I prefer 6.5/06 ( in fact 6.5/270 WIN ) plenty of case ( Lapua BR quality ) good price and same velocity as 6.5/06 , 6.5/06 feed as a machine gun cartridge in magazine.

For a bit more velocity with barrel over 30 inch 6.5/06 AI can do the job .

enjoy 6.5

Good shooting

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