6.5 140gr AMAX or BERGERS????


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Jan 31, 2008
I was going to use the A-Maxs in my 6.5-06 AI but now I'm undecided between them and the bergers. I am going to use this gun to shoot whitetails out to 600yds. The rifle has a shilen in 1:8 twist. Hornady is cheaper,,Berger has better BC. Will the BC matter that much at 600yds. I'm trying to decide before we cut the chamber becuase I want to match it to what ever bullet I'm gonna shoot. Thanks, Trent
I have shot both in my .260AI with good results. Now I shoot the 140gr A-Max only because it is easier to get it to shoot well in my rifle. I do shoot the 130gr Berger and like it very much. It is not as picky with seating depth as the 140gr VLD was for me. Also I'm pushing the 140gr A-Max at just over 3,000fps with RL-17 and I was getting pressure signs with the Bergers at lower velocities.

use the a-maxs in my opinion, my friend has a 243ai and he uses the 105s I use the 178s in my 308 both of them are killers on whitetail here in idaho even the biggest buck at 600 is no match if you put it tight behind the shoulder or in the ribs they are dead right there, have not had one make it more than 10 yards, the 308 killed one a week ago at 550 went in between the ribs on entry and took out two ribs on exit and made a 3'' hole in the hide on exit the deer was drt,,,,,I also think that the bc is a little low on the a-maxs
I doubt if you will notice much difference. I have used the 162 a-max in my 7mm mag with excellent results. I have just switched to 168 bergers because I couldn't get any 162 a-max down here in NZ. Have only shot one deer with them, a red hind a 594 yds. Dropped the deer but did need a finishers, shot was a bit high.

kiwi 3006, I just managed to get some 162amaxs. well a couple of weeks back i did. i was happy as! got 2 boxes so they should last.

the 168vlds were coming hard to get aswell.

a-maxs are an awesome bullet for deer. they work at any range in my experience
+1 for the amax, shoot the 140's in my .264 win mag. i got a high bc of .63 and low velocity bc of .55 so pretty close to an avg. of .6! Shot an antelop this year at 565 and must have been the toughest antelope i have ever seen, put it right behind the shoulders with a full pass through and turned the lungs to jello but was still able to walk another 300 yards before a second amax struck him in the front shoulders and it was all over. just got my 140 JLK, hope to have some good results with them.
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