6.5-06 AI


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Dec 2, 2003
I will be taking possession of my rifle anytime now, and I was wondering about which powders seem to be the best. I have several boxes of Hornady's, Sierras and Bergers. I plan on shooting the 120's-140's. It is built on a Sako 75 action, McMillian A3 stock, and a Stainless 26" tube with a 1-9" twist.
I have RL-19, RL-22, IMR 4350, and Retumbo. I'm leaning towards Retumbo but I can't decide. Any information you might have would be appreciated! Awesome board!
Check out the latest Varmint Hunters magazine.Steve Timm just finished a 2-part article on the AI and has some data along with the results on his custom rifle built by Gordy Gritters.
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