6.5-06 AI Browning A Bolt?

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  1. saintscustomwork

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    Aug 23, 2011
    hello all. i am new to LRH. i am a long time machinist new to gunsmithing. ive played around with some remington builds and now starting an old browning a-bolt project. it started life as a 30-06. ive since removed the action. the action threads are around .935 diameter with 20 tpi. the barrel has no bolt recess only a decent sized chamfer. the action to bolt fit is excellent with no noticeable play. i will probably only face the action in the lathe as i am not familiar enough with the browning bolt's complexity to try and true the bolt lugs. as the bolt was 30-06 im staying in the family. i like the idea of 6.5-06 and probably ackley improved. through my readings im thinking broughton 5c 8 twist in 28 inch range. then send the barreled action to mcmillan and have an A5 inleted for the action and bottom metal. does anybody have any dealings with truing a browning action? are there better barrel choices? what would be a good contour diameter? this is not going to be a bench gun and im not going to be shooting offhand either. i want as lite as possible for slow fire accuracy. any and all help and suggestions would be great.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    Last year I had my Browning A Bolt SA re barreled with a #4, 26 incher and chambered in 7 SAUM. The smith-in-charge removed about 5 thou from the action front and 15 tenths from the bolt face. Put it in a laminated stock. Worked out great. Shoots 1/2 moa.

    Good luck with yours