6.5-06 142gr.Sierra MK


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Jan 4, 2002
Looking for load data.I have RL-22& H-4350.What primer works best,mag.or non-mag?Like to try this combo on deer out to 400yrds.Rifle is MD.70,1-8,26IN.,SS,DAG. SCOPE=6.5-20 THANK'S MLS
Hello MLS

I used 50-52 grs of RL22 in my 6.5/06 with the 142 gr MK.
I also used the Standard LR primer (Federal 210). You don't need a Mag primer in that size case.

That loading worked fine for me.

Have a good one
Darryl Cassel
Thank's Darryl I already have about 30 cases primed with the mag. primers.Will shoot them first,then nek-size & start over. THANK'S AGAIN MLS
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