.510 Whisper dies?


Apr 5, 2004
Hello to all. Does anybody have any advice
on where I could find a set of those. Just a sizer and a seater. Not necessarily a competition set, just standard dies.
Thanks in advance.
Contact SSK industries for more info. They came up with the Whisper line and may already have dies made.

Best bet will be RCBS (phone, their site has no info). Lee will make collet neck sizer die and seater for $50. Hornady might make a die that big for $90.

My understanding is the 510 Whisper is based on the 378 Wby case shortened.

Thanks for replies guys. We're cutting down .338 Lapua cases to 2" and then forming to fit. You're right about RCBS, there's nothing on the website. I'll have to make some calls then if I don't find nothing on the listed links.
The Whisper cartridges are Register Trademarked and closely controlled by SSK Industries. They will do the chambering and supply the dies.

To get a reamer and dies made by someone else, you have to name your version something other than the .510 Whisper. People have gotten around SSK by getting names like 300/221 Fireball and getting both the dies and reamer made. Order from SSK or change a dimension and name it something new.
Zinger, I am sure that you have thought of this already but just in case...

The reason that the whisper is based on the 378Wby case is that it has a rim. You actually need that rim to headspace.

Now, I don't know your shoulder dimensions, etc so only hope that you have looked at the amount of shoulder available for headspace.

The Lapua case is not that wide.

Also, since you are basing your wildcat on a much different case, SSK wouldn't be able to supply dies or reamers. You will have to look at custom for all.

Thanks Jerry and guys. I have come by the barell pretty cheap, but no dies. Figured it may be interesting to see what it's all about and if it's worth time and money for getting the dies and barell job. Guy who's had it told me about cutting the Lapua case so it's all new stuff to me. May be getting in over my head.

The dies and reamers are proprietary to SSK Industries and they are Trademarked. They (SSK, Ind.) are the only ones that can sell these dies. This means that no other company can sell these items except SSK Industries if they are marked as being for a "Whisper" cartridge. SSK Industries sells these dies and chambers the barrels themselves. Therefore, CH4D can't have the dies in stock or make them for anyone except SSK Industries.

As I stated above, you can contract with a reamer maker and die manufacturers to make something similar, but you have to change a dimension and re-name the cartridge as in the 300/221 Fireball which is the .300 Whisper by a different name.

If you take your own advice and check out the website, you will see that those dies are not on their list.

Best of luck.
I realize that these are not listed on the website, but CH4D has a long list of 50cal dies and wildcats they build. Didn't realize that there is a problem of patents, but I'm just going on a email corespondence with Dave Davison of CH4D
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> 50 TK Express, 50 McMurdo, 500 RLG Improved, 50 Ackley Improved, 50 Klaus, 50 DTE Europe, 50 BMG Improved 40 degree, I think there was also a 30 degree & a 45 or 50 degree version but I only have records of the past 6 or 7 years on this computer.
50 Spotter die set is $295 <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
good luck
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