50 MOA adjustable scope mount

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Jan 9, 2002
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I need and adjustable 50 MOA scope mount. I am aware of one made by Ivey Design of Tenn. Are any of you using one made by anyone. Comments.

I am aware of Harbor Engineeering that has 100 MOA and up capabilities for huge bucks. Only need 50 adjustable!
I'd agree w/ mesh... Get some 'regular' LR bases... Leupold makes a 15MOA 1-piece Redfield style dovetail base, Badger Ordnance makes a honkin' big 1-piece 20 MOA picatinny/weaver rail, and Ken Farrell makes some pretty nice 20MOA (think he also makes up to 30-35) two-piece weaver bases. Combine those w/ the Burris Signature 'Zee' rings (Weaver base) and you can get a butt-load of elevation available for a reasonable amount of $$$.

My only gripe about the Burris rings is that along side something like a set of GG&G or Badger Ord 30mm rings, they seem kind of... wussy. But, if you need the elevation shims, it's about the only game in town other than a custom setup.

Just out of curiousity, what do you need that much more elevation than what is in your scope already? Even a .308 Win "only" needs about 35-40MOA to reach 1k. What are you using, and how far are you shooting?


This is for my .408 Wildcat that has 20 MOA tapered base integral with the Action. I will be using a standard 12 x 42 Nightforce to start with and want to get at least to 2500 yds.

Might talk to Crow Mag and ask him how that adjustable base he has on his 338 Yogi built by Dave Tooley in NC is working. If I remember right it has 4 postitions with 15 MOA for each postions for a total of 60 MOA.

I asked Dave about it when I saw the gun at the Nationals last year and Dave said he was not building those bases anymore, but Dave is a business man. if it works good, and with the right amount of money, he will make you one. I know Dave, he is not cheap but he can be had.


Contact the President of the Williamsport club, Hubie Hakes.

He makes a base that will give you even more then 50MOA and it is a dandy.

His number is---570-322-1721 Tell him the action you want to put it on and he can make it.


I'm a shooter of a 50BMG long-range rifle, and on the issue of optics for longrange, I have been and have the tee-shirt (torn and ragged!

The problem is not the base angle (though that is important), but that your scope doesn't have enough elevation to take you to 2,500 yards.

Consider this... while the trajectory is fairly flat for the first 800 to 1000 yds with modern, high velocity cartridges... most will require 30 to 40 moa to get to 1000 yds.
So, if you have mounted your scope so that the 100 zero is at the bottom of the elevation dial, that leaves a whoppin 10 to 20 moa to carry you to 2500.

The further you get out, the faster the bullets drops and the faster you eat up moa's.

The 408/50BMG class rifles will use up all that 50 moa by the time you have gotten to around 1200 to 1300 yds. (That was tee-shirt #1 !!)

To get to 2500 yds with any of the very long-range carts, you will need major elevation.

I have a 150 moa elevation scope on my 50BMG, and it's mounted on Barrett adjustable rings so the 100 zero is 1 moa off the bottom.
This combination will get to 2700 yds with a bullet that has a BC of 1.05.

Though I know this will break your heart, get a Leupold MK4-M1 in 16x (140 moa), or a B&L 10x Tac (150moa)... or an equivelent scope with about 140-150 moa of elevation, or you will waste a lot of time and money playing with "quick fixes" that won't get you there (tee-shirt #2

P.S. For really long range, you don't need ultra high power... mirage will kill you, and the targets aren't that small


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Unfortunately my targets are small and I need the higher powers. I will end up with the SN-9 external US Optics but must start out on the cheap by using one of my Nightforces. Thanx for the comeback, though.

Although my BC will only be .940, my speed is well above the 50 giving me a decent trajectory. Want to really test it's limits.
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