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    Dec 25, 2012
    Haing never loaded for these calibers, a friend of mine wants too and asked me to help...well, I am a little puzzled having never researched these calibers and now realize they have a .451 and .452 dia bullets. I see the book calls for a .451 in the acp, so, what I am wondering is can you use a 451 in a long colt or a 452 in an acp? He has plated bullets. Anyways any further education from those who know would be great.
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    May 13, 2012
    45 cal pistol is .451-.452". Usually cast bullets will run .452" if factory. The pre-wwII 45LC revolvers often were throated so you had to go to about .454" bullet diameter to get good accuracy.
    The ACP is going to want a hardball or truncated nose bullet with no cannelure groove(taper crimp at proper book oal) and the LC really doesn't care nose profile but you will want a cannelure and rather heavy crimp biting into the cannelure groove. Measure the cyllinder throats on the lc if there's ? as to the gun's age, but a .452" cast pill is probably the way to go for it.
    I wouldn't hesitate to go rock busting with a properly loaded lc at 200 yards or more. I go there with my 44 mag dang near every time I take it out. The 45 auto is usually good until 100 yards or so, but the shorter sight radius hurts much past that.