406 Precision 2015 Montana Royal Tine class Dates


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Jun 23, 2013
South West Montana
Just thought I would throw up a thread or two with our 2015 class dates for our Royal Tine classes. Just remember if these dates don't work for you private classes our available by appointment and we will also be announcing Illinios and Wyoming dates soon all info can be found on our website www.406precision.com
There are several reviews and testimonials as well.

Royal Tine 2015 Class Schedule

Guide & Outfitter Class June 12-14th

This class will be dedicated to current hunting guides and outfitters who are interested in building a solid foundation and understanding of long range shooting and hunting in order to better serve their customers...and also to help them with screening clients who show and interest in long range hunting.

Some of the info to be covered will include
Understanding MER (maximum effective range)
Knowing your equipment
Proper techniques for setting up for long range shots
How to spot effectively for your clients
Understanding terminal ballistics
and much much more...we will have a few guest speakers from both the shooting community and outfitting world as well.

Beginning to Intermediate Class
July 24-26th

406 Precision and Royal Tine have partnered up to create a premiere long
range shooting course in beautiful Philipsburg, MT. The class is for
shooters hungry to stretch their equipment to its fullest potential.
Throughout their stay, students will receive a mix of classroom
instruction and field shooting experience mimicking live hunting setups.
Bring lots of ammo!

Areas to be covered in class include proper rifle set-up, creation of
custom drop charts, effective shooting form, information on field set-up
and collecting environmental data, terminal ballistics, and much more.
We encourage you to bring your own equipment capable of shooting out to
800-1000 yards. If you do not have an adequate system, a limited number
of 406 edition Snowy Mountain Rifles are available.

If a top-level learning experience isn’t enough, the three-day course
will also be held at the stunning riverfront property of the Royal Tine
Guide School. Lodging and meals will be provided in a hunting camp
atmosphere—sharing stories by a snapping fire with a belly full of
Dutch-oven deliciousness will complement each day’s tactical

Ladies, we have accommodations available for you, too, and we heartily
encourage you to come out and hone your long range skills as well.

Shoot smarter, farther, and more accurately—we'll help you make sure
every shot counts. For more information contact 406 Precision or Royal Tine

Extended Long Range Class
September 4-6th

This year we will be hosting an elr class at Royal Tine this class will be an advanced class and will be reserved for past students of our basic and intermediate classes as well as individuals that have an advanced understanding of ballistics and the use of their equipment. The class is designed to push the limits of both the shooter and his or her equipment in the field. High angle shooting as well as extensive work on wind reading and establishing your absolute Maximum Effective Range will be the key points of the class. Class room time will be on the range and targets several full size reactive vital targets will be in use during this class.
More info to come....

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