406 precision first 2014 spring class in the books!


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Jun 23, 2013
South West Montana
Just thought you guys might like to see some pics from this years first private spring class. We are trying hard to take more pictures and video when time allows and thought you might enjoy seeing them.

All in all the weather held out and we had our client ringing the steel at 800 yards plus which is not to shabby for a guy who honestly didn't think he could hit the same target twice at 200 yards.

Now he has a good foundation for extending his effective range and a ton more confidence at his current one. :D I don't have the pics loaded up yet for todays shooting but he actually put two rounds in 2.25" at 800 today with a snowy mtn 300 norma!!!



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For those of you inquiring about classes we have a couple open spots in our three day royal tine june 13-15 class still available don't forget to ask about our military and law enforcement discounts.

You can get the skinny on Royal Tine Classes and our Private classes @ www.406precision.com
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