2017 Defensive Edge Class Dates

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho



JUNE 9-11

JUNE 16-18

JULY 14-16

JULY 28-30


300 CLASS– This is our combo class it is 3 days long and includes the basic and advanced materials plus additional time field shooting. We designed this class for the out state person who can’t or doesn’t want to make multiple trips to get in both the basic and advanced classes. In this class you will spend 2 nights at long range shooting camp in the woods. We supply almost everything needed for the 3 days, spacious bunk house tent, XL cots, sleeping bags XL, pillow, all food starting with lunch on day 1 (prepared by a dutch oven chef) and specialized shooting gear.

Location: NearCoeur D’Alene Id.

Times: Day will start meeting us at the Baymont Inn (2209 E Sherman Ave Couer D’ Alene, ID just off exit 15, I 90), have breakfast before you meet us at 07:00, we will take you out to long range camp and have the classroom portion of the class, train on LRH theory with sub calibers and get a start on condition reading. Days 2 and 3 will be longer days as we will start early to take advantage of the best shooting conditions and finish in the late afternoon. These days will cover hunting caliber rifles and full field shooting conditions. Total class time is approximately 30-32 hours.

Requirements: Equipment requirements are pretty simple, below is a list of have to have and a list of if you already have it bring it.

Must have:

· Rifle capable of 1 moa accuracy (1” or less at 100 yards consistently)

· Rifle that is comfortable enough to shoot 50-70 rounds a day through.

· Scope with consistent repeatable target knobs. If it also has a ballistic reticule that is OK. I recommend click values of ¼ moa. I highly recommend against 1/8 moa clicks.

· 200+ rounds of ammunition you intend to hunt with. Do not show with practice ammo and intend to hunt with different ammo.

· Eye & ear protection

· Bipod, lightweight rear bag or backpack etc to shoot over/off.

· Clothing for any weather

Class Content: The following subjects will be covered in the class:

· Equipment

· Minute of angle

· Ballistics

· Trajectory

· Wind

· Up/downhill shooting

· Corriolis

· Spin Drift

· Drop charts

· Testing

· Field shooting

· Terminal ballistics

· How to practice

· Hunting application

· Advanced condition reading techniques

· This is a field shooting class and the bulk of 3 days will be doing just that.


Bring any personal gear you may need there are no facilities of any kind. If you think you might need it bring it with you. Bring swimming gear, if it is hot we usually take an afternoon break to cool off.

Our location is very accessible, a car can access the location no need to rent an SUV if you are flying in.

Most centrally located motel Baymont Inn on 2209 E. Sherman Ave, 208-667-6777

For any questions:

Shawn Carlock

Defensive Edge Inc

[email protected]

1-208-687-2659 Shop Phone
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