40 grain V-Max?


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May 21, 2004
I shoot the 40 V-Max from my .222 at 3550fps.
It has worked well on groundhog out to about 325.
Question is if I see a coyote will the 40 v-max work? and if so how well?
Dead dog
You drop that little bomb in the chest cavity of a yote and he will be done quick and probably without an exit wound either.

GOod Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Maybe able to give first hand info after the weekend. Hunting some big dog towns in southeast Colorado, hope the coyotes don't clean em all up before daylight.
22-250 3850 fps with a 40 VMAX
Ya'll have a great weekend,

I also shoot the 40g V-max out of my .222 Rem. They shoot 3600fps and 1/4" at 100 yards. I usually take this particular rifle for calling coyotes. It is a Rem 700 Adl with a 24" sporter barrel, but is superbly accurate. I have taken coyotes to 300 yards no problem. They drop like rocks when hit in the right spot. Exit wounds depend on whether I shoot them in the shoulder or behind, but usually they exit when no bone is encountered and they leave about a 1.5" hole out to 150 yards. At longer ranges, they dont open up so rapidly. I have been shooting the 40g Barnes VCL with excellent accuracy, and terminal performance as well out of my little .222 Rem.
I have shot rockchucks out to 500 yards with my .222 but at coyotes it is probably wise to limit it to 350. but I absolulely love all of the 40's. For some reason my barrel loves n133 with ballistic tips at 3700fps with any other combo it is limited to 3550fps. all shoot well that is why you have to like the OLD DEUCE
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