24 cal. 87 V-max, or 105 A-Max??


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Trying to decide which will give me the best terminal ballistics at the longest possible ranges out of a 16"-barrelled Sav. Striker 243 WSSM. Any other suggestions for a bullet that will work @ long-range out of this short barrel? Coyotes NEED knockdown power, so they don't get away. The bullet has to kill quickly.
SSCoyote ,
I have used the 95 gn Berger VLD at 3270 fps with good success out of my .243 Ackley . B.C. is .524 .
It opens up fast and kills roos like lightning . They're bigger than coyotes so my guess is that it would work . You'll need a 9 inch twist though .
A couple of years ago we shot a bunch of Antelope with .243 IMP and kind of compared the 95 to the 105 A-max. The 95 was running about 3360 and the 105 about 3220 fps. The Berger worked great until about 800 yards where the impact speed was not fast enough to get it to open up. The 105 bullet seemed to expand on antelope out to 1,000 yards, and thats about as far as we could connect in the windy situation. We were hunting around 5200 feet o altitude.
Thanks for the info on the 105 AMax. I'm in the process of building a 6-284 in a XP which I will use for hunting and 1000 yd work. With the MV I think I can get that will put me at around the 675-700 yard mark with the same Impact Velocity that you have @ 1000 yds.
please dont get mad at me but I am just
curious, what kind of speed do you think
you can get out of a 6-284 in an XP length
barrel with 105 A-max ?? The reason I ask
is because from my experience a 6-284 does
not even do much better than a 243 unless it
has longer than a 24" barrel (mine is 29.5).
I have an XP in 22-250 and it shoot's no
faster than my old 223 with 15" barrel's
but burn's more powder and kick's harder.
I am truely interested to know what a 6-284
would do in such a short barrel
Thank's B
Not mad at all. I have never had a 6mm specialty handgun myself. I'm hoping to push a 105 AMax to 2800 (hopefully more). this barrel will be longer than most specialty handguns (18 inches). It is being set-up as a LR plains deer antelope and secondary use for 1000 yard matches. I have a 17 inch 6.5-284 XP (MV 2782 w/ 140 AMax), 15.75 inch 284 Win XP (MV 2750 w/ 140 NBT), and a 15.75 inch 7.82 Patriot XP (MV 2785 w/ 180 SGK). Using one of the new Broughton 5C barrels. This XP has not been built yet, as I am waiting for the reamer to be built. I will be taking off my 284 Win barrel for this project. I may fall short of my performance hopes with this set-up, but I won't know until I try. Whatever I do end up with, I will post and let you know.
I am very interested about your project
please let me know how it turn's out.
I have spent a great deal of time with
this cartridge but never with this length
of barrel.
Norma and lapua brass seem to be almost
interchangeable in my rifle primer pocket's
last forever.
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