338 Rum loads


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Oct 16, 2012
Hello im a newbie here,lots of good info on here,i have a 338 rum and have handloaded with good success 250gr. nos partition and 225 gr. accubond using H1000,i have bought some Woodleigh 300 grain soft nose round point and has anyone loaded these woodleigh using H1000,how many grains???i also have retumbo powder,but in my rifle,retumbo goes" high pressure fast"so i prefer H1000 sorry for long question.but i like to explain well..thank you in advance for any answers..David
With the baring surface of the woodleigh, I'd start with a starting load using hogdons loading manual for the smk. Curious, why do you want to use those bullets for lrh?
Thanks Mike33 and Franklin for the info,i will use the starting loads of the 300 smk data and go up from there..And why do i want to try those bullets?just to try them.i grew up hunting with the round nose "blunt" style of bullet.the old brush busters.lol I know it is overkill for whitetails and black bear :) since most of my shots are 100yrds or less(i feel like im digging myself in a hole here)but the animals are down instantly..dont get me wrong.large calibers should not make poor shots..shot placement is the most important.
If your going with the 300 smk and h-1000 maybe start out 89 grains, like i said im using 91 grains went as far as 92 but 91 was the #.
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