338 Lapua versus 338 RUM


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Jul 9, 2001
Sydney Australia
I am interested in a 338 caliber rifle for long range hunting. I have narrowed my choice down to either a 338 Lapua or a 338 Remington Ultra Mag. Is there any practical difference between these two cartridges? Does anybody have any preferences for one over the other?
To me, no doubt....
I would take the Lapua, because of the tougher Brass. Havn´t seen Rum brass so far, but working a lot with the Lapua Stuff...

Good question, I keep wondering the same thing.

I can't find the .338 Lapua in any of my books.

How do the dimensions of the brass differ?
Do they take the same bolt face? How do they compare velocity wise?

I'm thinking hard about a new .338 barrel in my future, but I'm still undecided what to chamber it in.
I picked up a .338 Win Mag the other day, in a Savage model 110

It's nice, but the barrel is to short for my liking, 24" and if I'm going to go though all of the trouble to blueprint the action, ad a new stock and scope, I might as well make it into something that can hit small objects at long distances.

Ever hit a Jack rabbit at 1,000 yards? I'm trying, but they only hold still for the first shot.

Mostly it will be used for shooting paper, with the occasional coyote and such thrown in from time to time.
Maybe I'm wrong, but as you get to shooting further out. I'm under the belief that the .338's begin to out perform the 30's.

Recoil so far doesn't much bother me, when hunting, I've never really noticed it.

( With the exception of yesterday morning, I shot a coyote and forgot to move my eye back an equal distance to the padding in my jacket. My eyebrow is still sore )

A black bear on the opposite ridge may not be out of the question for it in a couple of years.

I'd like to build a rifle that shoots well above my abilities, then learn to shoot it to it's full potential.
I has used and owned both chamberings and prefer the Lapua (currently).

My past problem with the Lapua was finding an action and stock combination that were to my liking, this was never a problem in the 338 RUM chamberings (Rem 700, etc).

I know have a CZ550 Safari Magnum action and a Baker stock, I like this combination much better than the 338 RUM on the 700 action. This action is 416 Rigby length and is made to accept 4 rounds in the magazine well so I also get the benefit of a 5 round rifle.

Velocity with the 300 Sierra is about equal between the 2 with the Lapua perhaps a tiny bit faster (50 to 100 fps) for equal length barrels.

I've used many 300 Win Mags on critters and they don't compare to the effects of a 338 on a critter. The 338 is very devastating and for my money I'd go with a 338 caliber over a 30.
To be honest I don't believe I've ever heard of the 30 wolf? Could you tell us uneducated folk, the spec's of the wolf what brass, case capacity etc...?
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