338 Lapua load development with 300 grain Sierra


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Dec 15, 2001
Here are some targets from today shot at 200 yards, as you can see the weather was pretty rough, alot of rain and snow. All groups are three shots including the top left diamond (91.2 grains) which measure 5/16"!!
The 300 grain Matchking was the only bullet used at approximate velocities between 2680-2790 fps.

This PGW Timberwolf is becomming my favorite rifle real fast.
Thanks Ross.
http://www.hunting-pictures.com/members/ney1/4-5-03%20338%20lapua%20target1%20200 %20yards.jpg

http://www.hunting-pictures.com/members/ney1/4-5-03%20338%20lapua%20target2%20200 %20yards.jpg

The target on the bottom left was a mishap I accidently aimed at the wrong diamond so I drew an arrow to show were the shot would have impacted if I would have aimed at the center diamond like I was supposed to.

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Nice shooting under the conditions you were under. Still thinking about having that Timberwolf chambered in 408 or are you stuck on the 338 now?
I think I will keep the 338 Lapua for a long time.

The average of the groups above is under 1/2 moa.... there were only two groups over 1 moa.

There were quite a few unexplained fliers that really opened up my groups.

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From my limited experience with these and other VLD bullets you really can't tell what they will group like until at least 200 to three hundred yards. What I mean is, that they seem to settle down and shoot even tighter out past 100 yards.
Yes, I was planning on shooting out to 1000 yards but my plans got canceled so I made do with what I had, and 200 yards was the farthest range I had. I can't wait to see what this rifle can do at very long ranges.
I agree with you on true VLD bullets but this 300gr bullet at 100yds will group beleive me. I don't do a lot of testing at 100yds with my bench guns, but when I do, I've produced some amazing groups and I've got 2 other buddies shooting competitively with 338 Yogis also they say the same thing about grouping at 100yds. We've fired many groups (5 shots) in the 2's and I've had a couple in the 1s when you get it tuned up properly.

But to get a load fully tuned up for 1000yd + work, you will need to test at longer ranges regardless of whether your 100yd groups are good or not. IMO.... 100yds will tell what what doesn't work but won't tell what does work at long range.

What powder are you using for these groups?


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H1000 is the powder. As you can see I am getting a lot of one holed groups with two shots, but then my third shot is an inch away. I am wondering if it may be caused by the variations in the bullet tips. You were saying that Dave Tooley has a tool to even up the tips, do you know how much it costs.
Those groups were shot at 200yds so the bullet tip didn't cause that much variation. It may or may not cause some but it would probably be measured in thousnads of an inch and not 1/2"+ increments as you are seeing at 200yds. We're seeing differences measured in 2-3" of vertical at 1000yds to give you an idea.
I would say you are experiencing load developement issues (assuming you felt comfortable with your shooting behind the rifle
) I see your going is .2gr increments which is good based on my experience with this Lapua case. 1/2gr increments is too course from what I can tell for whatever reason. It doesn't make sense, but that is what shows on paper for me and some other 338 shooters also.
Could be that H1000 isn't the powder for your combo. What primer are you using? I beleive you mentioned that conditions weren't the best...... don't underestimate the conditions in which you shot them!!!

But to directly answer your second question, David's bullet tip tool is around $30 I think.


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Snow and rain were continously pouring as I was shooting my groups. I am using fed 215M primers, I tried a bunch of loads with the 210M primers and pressures were much higher and accuracy wasn't as good, the 210 were running a bit faster too.
Steve, I will shoot some h1000 at 1000 yards and see how it does at longer ranges. Then if I'm not happy with the performance I'll try some RL 25, and maybe some Retumbo. I like to stick with Hodgdon powders to keep the temperature sensitivity to a minimum. Plus I have 16 LBs. of H1000. What things would you reccommend I try to get the H1000 shooting better?
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